Audio Systems

Audio Systems

We help you choose the right audio system for your event

Setting up boxes, amplifiers and microphones are an essential part of any audio pre-show preparation. Once the show goes up great pleasure is derived from being behind the mixing console and engineering the best possible sound production for performers and audience.

Clear audio to ensure every detail
of your event is heard

Audio Progress was one of the first audio companies in New Zealand to use the LEAP (Loudspeaker Enclosure Analysis Programme) which worked successfully for the design of the company’s proprietary built boxes. Recently Audio Progress introduced SMAARTLIVE to further enhance the musicality of the design in the box closures and to optimise the performance within all the sound systems EAW or JBL proprietary design.

The EAW KF760 Line Array system provides an intelligible long throw sound and has been effectively used at a number of large indoor and outdoor events throughout New Zealand. Audio Progress is the only New Zealand audio company that has such a system operating twenty EAW KF760s, eight SB2001s and eight 940s powered by Crest 9200, 7200 and 4601 amplifiers with UX8800 control.

To cater for a wide variety of occasions, events, conferences and performances Audio Progress use a wide range of EAW speaker boxes and digital and analogue consoles.

Audio Equipment

  • EAW 760 Line array
  • EAW 650
  • EAW KF940
  • EAW SB1001
  • EAW MW12
  • UX8800 Processors
  • JBL
  • EAW NT series powered speakers
  • RCF ART300 powered speakers
  • Crest amplification
  • Yamaha PM5D digital mixing desks
  • Yamaha QL5 mixing desks
  • Yamaha M7CL mixing desk
  • Yamaha 01V96 mixing desks
  • Soundcraft SI Expression 3 mixing desk
  • Multiways