What we do

What we do

The whole production package for your next event

Audio Progress are the experts when it comes to planning your next event. The team at Audio Progress can offer the complete package and manage the whole production from staging, sound and lighting, right through to multimedia and every other aspect of producing your event.


The Audio Progress team has a vast knowledge of audio, lighting and all aspects of a great production. Audio Progress leads the way with quality audio and visual equipment and expertise. Everything down to the finest detail is considered due to thought out planning and production. This ensures all speakers, performers and presenters can be seen and heard.


To make a great event, no matter how big or small it is, planning is key. The team at Audio Progress will work with you planning every detail to ensure the success of your event. Every technical aspect will be taken into account so you will have a seamless show.


The choice of the right equipment plays a major part in creating a superb event. Your performers and public speakers need to be seen and heard on stage by everyone in the audience. Audio Progress has  researched extensively  to ensure selection of the best quality equipment available to create intelligible sound and stunning visuals to support your event whether large or small.

Our Services

  • Audio systems

  • Staging solutions

  • Lighting and visuals

  • Transport & Logistics

  • Project Management

  • Programming and integration

  • Design and Build Specifications

  • Drafting/Autocad

  • Vital Planning

  • Training

  • System installs (not linked to any specific brand)