Lighting & Visuals

Lighting & Visuals

Stunning lighting and vibrant visuals

Lighting is an important component of any event and Audio Progress is able to provide lighting to support the focus of corporate events, concerts, themed functions and sporting fixtures.

Converting small or large spaces into a performance, exhibition or stage area is our expertise

Lifting motors and trussing are used to suspend drapes, silks and lights, enabling the creative vision to be achieved. All crew are specialised professionals capable of design, show operation and rigging systems. Using special effects like haze, smoke, silks, UV, strobe, mirror balls, fairy lights, rope lights can help achieve the desired atmosphere required for the occasion.

Lighting Equipment

  • Chauvet lighting
  • 1/2 ton lifting motors
  • 1 ton lifting motors
  • 2 ton lifting motors
  • 6 way and 4 way motor controllers
  • Folding Tri-Truss

Visual Equipment

  • 12’ x 9’ front and rear projection screens
  • 6’ x 8’ front and rear projection screens
  • Mitsubishi 6600 data projectors
  • Extron switcher scalers
  • Kramer switcher scalers
  • 40” LCD Monitors
  • Pullup screens